Doug mess

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As an artist, This is why I Paint.

"Your work makes me smile", or "This is the first time I've smiled today". I hear comments like that about my work over and over again . Deep down I believe all artists paint for themselves, but I also feel that artists long for acceptance and approval which is why comments about my work are so important to me.

I paint mostly in acrylics and oils and my style lives somewhere between surrealism and expressionism. But, in viewing my paintings, you'll find pieces that don't fall into either of those categories.

I'm inspired by the world around me and within me. Like a photographer who takes hundreds of photos to find that perfect image, I make hundreds of sketches to find the right image to put to canvas.

My best work is produced late in the evening while listening to good music with a good glass of wine or two.

Thank you for visiting my site. My goal is for you to have an emotional  connection to my work.

That's Why I Paint.

Doug Mess

Solo Exhibition - Arkell Gallery -2018

Juried Exhibition - Arkell Gallery - 2017

Gallery Exhibits:

- Queen City Gallery -Buffalo, NY

- River Gallery - North Tonawanda, NY

  (Juried Exhibition)

- Lewiston Art Festival - 2011-2018